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  • Creating a Constitution: Law, Democracy and Growth in Ancient Athens,Princeton University Press, 2019,
  • Creating A New Moral Political Economy, Elements in Political Economy Series, Cambridge University Press (with Margaret Levi), under contract and in progress.




Book chapters


Working papers

  • The Rule of Law Through the Ages. In Routledge Handbook of the Rule of Law. Scheduled to appear in 2020.
  • Democratic Collapse and Recovery: Athens 413-403. 2020. In When Democracy Breaks. The Tobin Project (with J. Ober). Scheduled to appear in 2020.
  • Supply and Demand in Processes of State Formation: Evidence from Ancient Greece (with Mark Pyzyk). ABSTRACT.
  • Judicial Review by the People Themselves: Constitutional Litigation in Ancient Athens (with Randall Calvert and Barry Weingast). ABSTRACT.
  • Achieving Inclusion: Extending Access to the Rule of Law in Ancient Athens (with Gillian Hadfield and Barry Weingast). ABSTRACT.


Papers in progress

  • The Autocratic Advantage: Information and Coercion in the Digital Age
  • Courts for Algorithms: An Ancient Model for Reviewing Algorithmic Decision-Making
  • The Institutional Foundations of Athenian Resilience: Trade, Law, and Recovery from the Peloponnesian War (with Andrew Hanssen and Robert Fleck).


Blog posts